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Avian Adventures Chiquita Playtop Bird Cages

No nuts and bolts. Separate playtop. Playtime in or out. The perfect bird cage for: Senegals, Conures, Quakers, Lories, Caiques, Pionus. Playtop can be left on top of the cage or moved to a separate location to give your bird variety and social time. Side bars run horizontal, giving your bird plenty of room for climbing and exercising. Eye-popping colors enliven any room.

Avian Adventures Chiquita Bird Cage Features at a Glance:

  • Lift off playtop can be removed from the top of the cage and placed on a stand or table, providing a separate play area away from the cage.
  • Outside access food cups. 5 Interior stainless steel food bowls are accessible by SOLID swing open doors so you NEVER have to reach inside the cage.
  • 2 Natural wood perches - no boring dowels! Our perches are made of mangrove or yellow cow wood, lighter yet harder than manzanita.
  • Easy, "No Nuts and Bolts" assembly. Improved knockdown design, still without nuts or bolts. Easily breaks down into a small box for easy transportation and storage.
  • Large front door makes reaching in or moving your bird easy!
  • 3 feeder doors accessible from outside and nearly impossible for your bird to open.
  • 5 Stainless Steel Bowls.
  • Bird Proof Door Locks. Our unique locking system is easy for humans, very difficult for birds!
  • Slide-out Removable Metal Tray for easy cleaning.
  • Slide-out grates will not allow the bird to escape when the grate is not in place.
  • 2 Perches; natural Yellow Cow Wood (harder, yet lighter than Manzanita).
  • Specially designed skirts: Easily removed or added without tools, clips or bolts.
  • A storage shelf at the bottom of each cage to store food, treats, etc.
  • Easy roll casters.
  • Durable and beautiful powder coat finish - zinc and lead free (Tested safe).
  • Beautiful Jewel-toned colors (Sapphire Blue, Emerald Green, Ruby, Pearl White and Platinum). Sapphire blue, emerald green, and ruby are smooth, glossy, translucent finishes. Platinum and pearl white are textured finishes. Touch-up paint included.
  • Also comes in Limited Edition glimmering Stainless Steel.
  • A touch of class like no other cage in the world! All Pearl White, Emerald Green, and Ruby cages come with gold accents: gold latches, gold covered casters, and gold playtop finials. The Platinum and Blue cages come with silver accents: silver latches, silver casters, and silver playtop finials.
  • Six month warranty against manufacturer defects on Powder-Coat cages.

Avian Adventures Chiquita Dometop Bird Cage Dimensions

  • Interior Cage dimensions: 28" x 22" x 26"
  • Overall dimensions: 28" x 22" x 63"
  • ¾" wire spacing (measured between the wires).
  • 316" gauge wire.
  • 122 pounds.
  • Ships UPS in 2 boxes.

Ideal for: for:Conures, Small Amazons, Caiques, Quakers, and other similar-sized birds.

$295.99 ea
Chiquita Playtop Bird Cage, Med; Platinum 22"L x 28"W x 26"H ($295.99 plus $73.00 Oversized Shipping)
$295.99 ea
Chiquita Playtop Bird Cage, Med; Pearl White 22"L x 28"W x 26"H [[OUT OF STOCK]] [[ETA: December 2017]] ($295.99 plus $73.00 Oversized Shipping)