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Specially Designed for the Birds, the clear (see-thru) lexan helps overcome the restlessness of not being able to see the perch.

An aid when pruritis is present in trichophytosis. Also recommended for post-operative protection and an excellent aid during fracture repair.

  • Helps Overcome Feather Picking and the Itch-Bite-Scratch Cycle.
  • Helps end Self-Inflicting Wound Aggravation.
  • Snap-adjustable sizes, padded with soft vinyl foam at neck.
  • Combines Long-Lived Toughness, Softness and Light Weight.

Below is a list of recommendations as to size for different species. As each bird is different, we cannot guarantee exact fit for any individual animal. Amazons have the strongest beaks and can chew through Lexan. We suggest ordering an extra collar for them.

Neck Opening
Neck Opening
Weight Species
EJ406XS 6" 0.6"-0.9" 2.0"-2.7" 9g Parakeet, Lovebird, Sm Cockatiel
EJ406X 6" 1.0"-1.1" 2.7"-3.5" 9g Cockatiel, Goffin, Sm Conure
EJ408XS 8" 1.0"-1.1" 3.2"-3.5" 23g Crested Cockatoo, Medium Conure
EJ408X 8" 1.1"-1.3" 3.5"-4.0" 22g Yellow Macaw, Mitred Conure, Sm Amazons
EJ410XS 10" 1.1"-1.3" 3.5"-4.0" 47g Mulacan Cockatoo, Yellow Nape, Eclectus, Lg Amazon
EJ410X 10" 1.5"-1.8" 4.7"-5.5" 46g African Grey, Yellow Nape, Sm & Med Cockatoo
EJ412XS 12" 1.5"-1.8" 4.7"-5.5" 65g Blue & Gold Macaw, Lg Cockatoo, Lg Macaw
EJ412X 12" 2.0"-2.4" 6.25"-7.50" 64g Blue & Bold Macaw, Hyacinth, XLg Macaw
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Part #DescriptionPriceQuantity
EJ406X Bird E-Collar, 2.7-3.5" neck, 6" diameter $11.49
EJ406X/6 Bird E-Collar, 2.7-3.5" neck, 6" diameter, 6 Pack $48.24
EJ406XS Bird E-Collar,2.0"-2.7" neck, 6" diameter $11.49
EJ408X Bird E-Collar, 3.5-4" neck, 8" diameter $12.59
EJ408XS Bird E-Collar, 3.2-3.5" neck, 8" diameter $12.59
EJ410X Bird E-Collar, 4.7-5.5" neck, 10" diameter $14.69
EJ410XS Bird E-Collar, 3.5-4.0" neck, 10" diameter $14.69
EJ410XS/6 Bird E-Collar, 3.5-4.0" neck, 10" diameter, 6 Pack $62.94
EJ412X Bird E-Collar, 6.25-7.5" neck, 12" diameter $15.69
EJ412XS Bird E-Collar, 4.75-5.5" neck, 12" diameter $15.69
EJ412XS/6 Bird E-Collar, 4.75-5.5" neck, 12" diameter (6 pack) $73.50

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