Advantage™ Ⅱ Topical Flea Control

Advantage™ Ⅱ now kills adult fleas AND actively breaks the flea life cycle. Works on all 4 stages of the flea! Has Growth Regulator to stop flea reproduction

Advantage™ Ⅱ flea control is a spot-on topical application which is applied to your pet on a monthly basis. Imidacloprid paralyzes fleas within 3-5 minutes of contact, helping to prevent the bites that cause itching, scratching, skin odors, and allergic reactions. Pyriproxyfen disrupts the maturing process so that flea eggs and larvae cannot mature into biting fleas.

Fleas on your pet die within 12 hours. They stop biting within 3-5 minutes of contact. And pyriproxyfen kills re-infesting fleas within 2 hours.

Advantage™ Ⅱ Features:

  • Once a Month Application. Just snip the tube and dot-on between your pet's shoulder blades.
  • Stops Fleas Dead! Shown to kill 98%-100% of adult fleas in 12 hours: paralyzing before they bite and before they lay eggs.
  • Advantage II does not kill ticks.
  • Use Dog Advantage II on kittens as young as 8 weeks.
  • Stays active after swimming, rain or sunlight. Use a hypoallergenic shampoo and it will remain on your dog despite baths.
  • Each packet contains 4 vials, enough for a 4 month supply. 12 month supply contains 3 packets of 4 months each. Our products are fresh,made in the USA and will not expire before your year supply runs out.

See Advantage for Dogs to treat your dogs & puppies.

Advantage™ for Cats 5 to 9 Lbs.
$52.29 ea
Advantage II Cat; 5-9 Lb, 4 month supply (orange)
$62.99 ea
Advantage II Cat 5-9Lb, 6 month supply (orange)
$130.19 ea
Advantage II Cat 5-9Lb, 12 month supply (orange)
Advantage™ for Cats Over 9 Lbs.
$47.19 ea
Advantage II Cat; 9+Lbs, 4 month supply (purple)
$62.99 ea
Advantage II Cat; 9+Lbs, 6 month supply (purple)
$125.99 ea
Advantage II Cat; 9+Lbs, 12 month supply (purple)