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Allercaine Spray

Tomlyn's Allercaine spray calms, soothes, and helps give temporary relief of pain and itching sof insect bites and other minor allergic problems.

Can be used daily as an aid for compulsive scratching and biting problems.

Contains Bitran II to help stop chewing. Lidocaine deadens the pain and the itch.

Also great for use on hot spots and clipper burn.

Flea Allergies in Household Pets

  • Many dogs develop flea allergies if repeatedly bitten by fleas.
  • Flea allergies are incurable, chronic conditions which cost pet owners millions of dollars every year at the veterinarian.
  • Flea allergies present horrible skin conditions accompanied by torturous itching, excessive skin seepage, and unpleasant odor.
  • It only takes ONE bite from one unseen flea to produce an entire-body reaction such as hives in people.
  • Lhases, ShihTzus, & Cockers are at righ risk but any breed or mix-breed can develop the allergy if they are exposed to the anti-coagulant that the flea injects at the site of the bite. Use medicated shampoos to help soothe the allergy symptoms.
$6.89 ea
Allercaine Spray, 4 oz
$12.99 ea
Allercaine Spray, 12oz