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Feliway Spray

End urine marking and scratching!

After using Feliway for 30 days, 59 of 61 cats stopped marking completely.

Feliway naturally reduces cats' urge to mark and scratch. The exclusive formula simulates a pheromone that has a claming effect on cats. Applied to your cat's environment, Feliway creates a "friendly" atmosphere in which he feels comfortable.

Cats often rub their cheeks against their owner or objects during times of intense happiness and pleasure. This behavior releases "happiness pheromones" that remind your cat of his positive experience and calm territorial and sexual anxieties.

  • Clinical studies show a 95% success rate in reducing or eliminating urine marking
  • Calms cats in stressful situations such as in transport, hospitalization or boarding
  • Helps cats adjust to new homes, new pets, and new people
  • Convenient Plug-In Diffuser Dispenser - Soothes continuously for weeks with no odor detectible to humans

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Feliway plugs into standard outlets
$21.99 ea
Feliway Spray, 75 ml (no air ship)
$58.99 ea
Feliway Spray, 75 ml 3 Pack (no air ship)
Feliway Plug-in
$24.99 ea
Comfort Zone Plug-in & Bottle with Feliway (no air ship)
$69.99 ea
Comfort Zone Plug-in & Bottle with Feliway; 3 pack (no air ship)
Feliway Refills
$17.99 ea
Comfort Zone Plug-in Feliway Refill (no air ship)
$49.99 ea
Comfort Zone Plug-in Feliway Refill; 3 pack (no air ship)