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Frontline Top Spot® Flea Control Treatment for Cats

The first and still most popular Frontline flea and tick control treatment.

We bring it to you over the Counter!

Frontline flea and Tick control (Top Spot®) contains a revolutionary new ingredient: Fipronil.

Kills both fleas and ticks almost instantly. Gentle enough for kittens. Frontline™ collects naturally in the hair follicles and oil producing glands and reapplies itself continuously to the skin and hair. Resists baths, rain and shampoos.

Frontline Flea Products Feature:

  • Once a Month Treatment Kills Fleas AND Ticks.
  • Can be used on cats and kittens 12 weeks old or older.
  • Save $20.00 or more in discounts and shipping costs by purchasing a year at at time. Our products are fresh and will not expire before your year supply runs out.

Note: For best results, in states below the Mason-Dixon line veterinarians highly recommended that cats use Frontline™ flea and tick control year-round.

We also carry Frontline for Dogs.

$32.79 ea
Frontline Flea Control, Cat, 3 Month
$64.59 ea
Frontline Flea Control, Cat, 6 Month
$121.95 ea
Frontline Flea Control, Cat,12 Mos