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Kitty Peek-A-Prize Toy Box & Toys

Activity box turns peek-a-boo into cat's play.

How many times have your cats ignored toys dangling in front of their paws, only to chase madly after them as soon as you hide them around the corner?

Cats have an instinctive desire to watch cracks and crevices, especially when they know that something is hiding just beyond their sight. The Peek-a-Prize Toy Box is designed to build on your cat's instinct by partially hiding some of your cat's favorite toys, and your cat will go crazy fishing them out! Peek-a-Prize is especially great for those times when you have to leave your cat home alone, because this toy will keep your cat occupied for hours. Rotate the toys in the box so they are always digging for something different, and for extra fun, put a few food treats inside!

Includes 2 toys. Can use almost any small cat toys.

$24.99 ea
Peek-A-Prize Toy Box w/ 2 toys ($24.99 plus $4.00 Oversized Shipping)