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Lectro Thermo Kitty And Small Pet Bed

We all know that cats love warmth, and this heated pet bed is just the prescription for winter blues.

They seek out sunny areas, the heating vents and upholstered furniture. This cozy bed is tailored for kitty comfort with a safe, dependable UL-Recognized heating element buried in thick orthopedic foam plus faux lambskin to make a nest that surrounds your cat.

The heater keeps the surface temperature of the bed approximately 12-15 degrees above the ambient temperature and warms to a comfortable 102 degrees when the pet lies in it.

Great for small dogs too!

  • Kitty bed is cozy fleece covered
  • 16" and 20" diameter round beds.
  • Washable.
  • Uses only 4 watts of power.
  • Limited 1 year warranty.
Lectro Thermo is Great for Small Dogs
16" Small Beds
$44.99 ea
Thermo-Kitty Bed 16" Diameter, Mocha
$44.99 ea
Thermo-Kitty Bed 16" Diameter, Sage
20" Large Beds
$51.99 ea
Thermo-Kitty Bed 20" Diameter, Mocha
$51.99 ea
Thermo-Kitty Bed 20" Diameter, Sage