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Outdoor Heated Kitty Pad

Warm bed is great for strays and feral cats.

Great for small dogs too!

The Thermostatically controlled unit is designed to stay within a cat's body temperature and is perfect for cats that spend time in garages, barns, sheds or outdoor porches and covered patios. Veterinarians also recommend this pad for therapeutic post-surgery convalescence and to comfort older and arthritic cats. Its ABS waterproof plastic construction makes it both durable and easy to clean.

  • 12.5" x 18" with 5.5 foot steel-wrapped cord.
  • Washable cover has soft weave design which allows the warmth to radiate through. (sold separately below)
  • Uses only 40 watts of power.
  • Limited one year warranty
$51.99 ea
Outdoor Heated Kitty Pad; 12.5" x 18.5" 40 watts
$30.99 ea
Small Animal & Cat Heated Pad approx. 9" x 12"; 25 watts ($30.99 plus $2.00 Oversized Shipping)