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Stayaway Automatic Pet Deterrent

Safely and humanely protects your furniture, potted plants, countertops, and almost any other area of your home.

A motion sensor activates a warning sound and a brief, harmless spray of compressed air to keep your pet away. Cats hate it! But it can also be used on other small animals such as small dogs and birds. It's odorless, stainless, ozone-friendly, completely harmless.

Once your pet learns to recognize the warning sound, you can switch to "sound only" mode to conserve compressed air. The motion sensor and spray are separately adjustable so they can be positioned precisely.

  • Sensor detects motion up to 1 meter (1 yard) away and activates spray
  • Adjustable detection angle and spray angle means you can "see" him coming and shoot the burst right at him.

Refill cans are available.

Keep pets away from Christmas Trees
$41.99 ea
Stay Away Pet Deterrent (NO AIR SHIP) ((Manufacturer BackOrder)) [[ETA Late 2015 or later]]
$13.99 ea
Refill for StayAway Cat Deterrent (NO AIR SHIP)