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Animate Electronic Pet Door for Cats & Very Small Dogs

The safe, 4-way electronic pet door that only your pet can open.

Your small dog or cat wears a small magnet that doubles as an identification tag. The door senses the collar key (magnet), and unlocks. The pet then pushes through. The sensitive, fast reacting circuit in the flap guarantees instant entry for selected pets, even when approaching the flap quickly.

These electronic pet doors are operated by one 9 volt battery (not included) so they don't require a location near a wall outlet. A single PP3 (9v) battery will typically give at least 9 months operation. Includes 2 magnets for 2 collars.

Electronic pet door features:

  • Keeps stray cats, dogs, raccoons, possums, skunks, and other pests out
  • 4-way lock
    1. Position 1: Keep strays out while allowing your pets free access either way.
    2. Position 2: OUT ONLY - Your pet can go out but cannot come back in.
    3. Position 3: IN ONLY - Keeps your pet in at night
    4. Position4: No access either way for any animals
  • No need for extra carpentry. Electronic pet door is self-lining to 2 1/4" (60mm) thick - ideal for all doors. Can be wall mounted with extra lining and longer bolts (not included)
  • Sensitive electromagnetic circuit works for cats of all size and temperament as well as tiny dogs (can be adjusted to work without the magnet if preferred)
  • Transparent flap preferred by most cats.
  • Silent action will not frighten your pet or disturb you
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty.
  • Overall size: 7 5/8" x 9". For pets up to 12 lbs
  • Cutout size: 6 5/8" x 8". Flap: 5 3/4"x6"
  • 2 magnets included.

Pet Door Size Recommendations

  • ANI254W: Overall size: 7⅛" x 9½". For pets up to 12 lbs. Cutout size: 6⅝" x 8⅝".
  • ANI363W: Overall size: 9" x 10½". For door up to 2" thick. Can be used on walls with custom interior framing.
    Includes 1 super compact cat collar magnet and 1 dog collar magnet.

(9volt battery is not included.)

Catmate Pet Door
$47.95 ea
Catmate 4-way Lock Electronic Pet Door; White
$68.95 ea
Petmate 4-Way Lock Electronic Pet Door for Dogs and Cats ($68.95 plus $5.00 Oversized Shipping)
Replacement Flaps
$7.95 ea
Catmate Replacement Flap for ANI254
$12.99 ea
Catmate Replacement Flap for ANI363
Replacement Magnets & Batteries
$12.95 ea
Extra Magnets for Cats, 2 pack (fit ANI254, ANI255, ANI256)
$12.99 ea
Extra Magnets for Dogs, 2 pack (fits ANI259)
$3.95 ea
9 Volt Alkaline Battery