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Deluxe Tagalong Dog Car Seat

Deluxe car seats are supported from below to provide an unobstructed view and comfortable ride for you dog. No clumsy straps to get in the way.

Other booster seats sit too low, or they are supported by straps that attach to the front of the basket, making it difficult for pets to see out or move around. Tagalong car seats for dogs are supported from below, providing an unobstructed view and more comfortable ride for pets. Tagalong car seats install securely in one minute. Instantly usable in the front seat or able to install in back seats with headrests.

Available in a quilted micro-suede body with quilted plaid liner. The interior liner removes for washing so the seat stays clean and fresh. A zippered, front storage pocket, and safety leash are also included.

Solvit Deluxe Booster Dog Car Seat Features:

  • Unobstructed View for pets. Works in the back seat, if headrests are present
  • Fast installation for owners.
  • Features a padded & quilted construction, using microfiber and woven plaid fabric liner.
  • Washable liner.
  • Front storage pocket.
  • Safety leash.
  • One year warranty defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Sizes:
    • Large: 16" x 14" x 8", recommended for dogs up to 18 pounds.
    • Extra Large: 20" x 15" x 10", recommended for dogs up to 25 pounds.
Large: 16"x14"x8"
$43.49 ea
Large Tagalong Dog Booster Dog Car Seat - Deluxe: 16" x 14" x 8"
Extra Large: 20"x15"x10"
$50.99 ea
Ex Large Tagalong Dog Booster Car Seat - Deluxe: 20" x 15" x 10"