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Lectro-Kennel Dog House And Pet Bed Heating Pad

Heating pad keeps pets warm indoors or out.

Heating products designed for humans can get too hot and cause blistering and hair loss in animals.

The Lectro-kennel heated pad is a simple, affordable way to keep your pet comfortable. UL-Recognized components are combined with a built-in thermostat, a tough, easy-care exterior and a unique airspace to provide a safe radiant heat that will match your pet's body temperature range.

Optional faux lambskin cover is designed to cover the heated pad and still allow heat to radiate properly. Open-mesh, washable and easily removable.

  • The pad draws no more power than an 80 watt light bulb.
  • No maintenance, no moving parts
  • Completely safe for dogs, cats and small animals.
  • Ideal for dog houses, unheated garages and basements.
  • Spring coil-wrapped cord helps prevent chewing. Cord is UL approved.
  • Durable, sanitary, ABS plastic construction.
  • Use indoors or outdoors, in kennels, whelping areas or post surgical situations.
  • Heating element molded into high-density durable polyethylene allowing it to be washed.
  • Maximum temperature of approx. 103 degrees.
  • Optional temperature control rheostat for heat adjustment.
  • Lectro-Kennel cover adds comfort.

Cover is made from fleece-like material, preshrunk and washable. Cover is breathable, won't warp pad.

Note: For use in confined space, order a size which is approximately half the space size so that your pet an opportunity to get off of the heated surface if it desires.

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Rheostat Control Unit (EK&TB)

Provides a convenient and reliable fingertip selection on the exact warmth your pet needs in any environment or climate. Provides a full-range, variable heat control. This lets you select and adjust the heat intensity from off to full temperature heat quickly and easily.

$52.99 ea
Lectro-Kennel Heating Pad; Small approx 12.75" x 18.5" 40 watts
$70.95 ea
Lectro-Kennel Heating Pad; Med approx 16.5" x 22.5" 60 watts
$89.95 ea
Lectro-Kennel Heating Pad; Large approx 22.5" x 28.5" 80 watts
Kitty Pads for Small Cat Houses or use on Porch, Garage, or Cold Surfaces
$51.99 ea
Outdoor Heated Kitty Pad; 12.5" x 18.5" 40 watts
Replacement Covers and Accessories for the Lektro-Kennel Dog House and Bed Heating Pad
$15.95 ea
Lectro-Kennel Heating Pad Cover Only, Lg, approx 22.5" x 28.5"
$12.39 ea
Lectro-Kennel Heating Pad Cover Only, Med; approx 16.5" x 22.5"
Rheostat Provides Heat Control
$37.99 ea
Lektro Temp Control (rheostat) ($37.99 plus $26.00 Oversized Shipping)