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Tubular Car Barriers

Keep your dogs confined to the back of the car. Versatile pressure-mounted and easy to install with a clean uncluttered look.

Easily fits the contoured sides of today's vehicles. Horizontal bars adjust both vertically and horizontally.

Tubular Barriers have

  • A size to fit all wagons, compact wagons, minivans, sport utility vehicles with addition of one or more extension panels.
  • Easy installation and/or removal
  • Tubular steel means more strength, less obstruction of vision

4-Bar--Fits small cars up to Explorer-type vehicles. Each bar is 3-3/4" apart, width expands from 34" to a maximum of 65". Height from 30" to 46"H.

6-Bar--Fits taller cars. Height adjusts from 30" to 55".

Because vehicle designs change year to year, we recommend noting the minimum/maximum dimensions below each model, measure your vehicle in the location you want to place the barrier and make sure it will fit.

$40.99 ea
Midwest 4-bar Car Barrier (10-1P) ($40.99 plus $3.00 Oversized Shipping)
$55.49 ea
Midwest 6-Bar Car Barrier (11-1P) ($55.49 plus $4.00 Oversized Shipping)