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Critter Gitter Sonic Animal Deterrent

Automatically repels animals from lawns and gardens with sonic outburst.

Gets them out and keeps them out.  Using heat and motion detection, Critter Gitter detects animals as they enter your yard or garden areas.  It then emits a startling, high pitched sound which frightens them away. The unit then automatically resets to guard against the next intrusion.

Critter Gitter Sonic Deterrent Features:

  • Uses heat and motion detection
  • High intensity flashing lights and changing sound patterns prevent animals from getting accustomed to just one sound
  • Easy to mount. Box is approx 4" x 4" x 6"H and weighs less than 1 Lb.
  • Uses common 9 volt battery (included)
$69.95 ea
Critter Gitter Sonic Animal Deterrent
$3.95 ea
9 Volt Alkaline Battery