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Automatic Pet Feeders With Timers

Feed up to 5 meals in up to 3 days - automatically timed and dispensed on your schedule.

It is very popular with cat owners, but can also be used for small dogs. Great for short vacations or for diabetic animals who must eat on a prescribed schedule.

C10 Automatic Feeder -- Serves 1 meal when owner is away. It is a square bowl with one pop-open lid which opens according to its timer. Up to 24 hour time delay. For cats, kittens, and small dogs. Requires AA battery, not included.

C20 Automatic Feeder --Two separate 48 hour timers. The C-20 is a rectangular bowl with two separate lids. Each opens separately according to your pre-set time. It contains one built-in icepack to keep food fresh if you prefer to feed wet food. Requires AA battery (not included).

C50 Automatic Feeder --Serves up to 5 fresh meals. Timer can be set for up to 96 hours of meals. Intervals can be set as necessary (but not less than 4 hours apart). C50 is a round container with 5 pie-shaped bowls that opens to full helping at timed intervals. First wedge is open for a meal immediately. Four more wedge-shaped bowls appear on a timed basis.Twin ice packs keep food fresh if you prefer to feed wet food. Easy-to-use 96 hour timer. Removable bowl and lid for easy cleaning. Requires AA battery (not included).

1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

$32.29 ea
Catmate Automatic Pet Feeders C20, 2Lb
$25.29 ea
Catmate Automatic Pet Feeders C10, 2Lb
$53.95 ea
Catmate Automatic Pet Feeders C50, 4Lb
Icepacks included. Requires AA battery (not included).
$4.99 ea
Ice Pack only, Catmate C20 / C50 Feeder