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Rawhide Retriever Rolls

Thick and chewy, these rolls are a dog's delight.

We take a lot of pride in our rawhide. No skimpy seconds here. Every roll is the full size we advertise or larger.

Orders of multiple single packs will be billed at multiple pack rates where the number of individual items equals the multiple pack.
$2.29 ea
Retriever Roll, 10-10.5" Rawhide
$26.29 ea
Retriever Rolls, 10-10.5" Rawhide, 12 Pk ($26.29 plus $4.00 Oversized Shipping)
$47.79 ea
Retriever Rolls, 10-10.5" Rawhide, 24 Pk ($47.79 plus $4.00 Oversized Shipping)