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Andis Pro Pet Dog Clipper Kit

You no longer need to buy flimsy dog clippers that wear out quickly in order to groom your dog. If you're ready to step up your grooming game then this is the dog clipper for you!

This professional quality pet kit makes it unnecessary to spend more to get professional results from your clipper. It's our best seller for home grooming and for good reason.

We do not recommend this clipper for chows, samoyeds, collies, huskies or similar dogs.

Andis Pro Pet Clippers Feature:

  • Perfect for complete home grooming or clipping horses.
  • Contoured, break resistant housing and a quiet, powerful rotary motor that is maintenance free.
  • Does not get hot in your hand
  • Equipped with a detachable medium blade (approx #10), designed for general close clipping, four snap-on comb attachments for leaving more hair length, clipper blade lubricating oil and instructions.
  • For professional-looking clips or longer hair for winter clips, professional Andis detachable blades will fit this clipper.
  • This deluxe kit is designed for heavy-duty pet owner use, up to 1000 hours of clipping.
  • Includes Andis #10 blade
  • Comes with handy carrying case.
  • One year limited manufacturer's warranty.

Don't forget Lubricating Spray to cool and lubricate your blades.

Purple Pro Pet Andis Dog Clipper
$72.95 ea
Andis "Pro Pet" Dog Clippers w #10 blade, Blue
$72.95 ea
Andis Pro Dog Clippers w/ #10 blade, Purple
$7.59 ea
Andis Cool Care Plus Blade Lubricating Spray (NO AIR SHIP)