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B-Air Cub Dog Dryers

The Cub Dog Dryer is one of the most versatile and powerful single cage dog dryers on the market today. It is a non-heat dryer designed for fast pet drying. Durable rust resistant roto-molded plastic case that is light-weight and easy to maintain plus a completely enclosed motor that does not allow hair to get into the mechanisms.

The Cub Dryer's flexibility comes from its ability to be positioned in 3 different angles, or use it with the optional duct to control air direction and power to the finest degree. It is quiet and powerful, yet small and compact. Great for mobile groomers, dog show exhibitors, kennels and vets. Also gentle enough for cats and puppies.

B-Air Cub Dog Dryer Features:

  • Brushless
  • Low amp draw (2.3amps)
  • Handle Designed for Balanced Carrying
  • Constructed of non rusting high impact roto molded Polyethylene
  • 1/4 HP
  • 375 CFM
  • Attached Cord - 6ft
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty

Cub Cage Adapter (BARCDDK) comes with an 8' long duct made out of high quality flexible vinyl with an air control gate controlling airflow at the Cage. Slide the gate up for full force, slide it down gradually to dampen the flow of air. Duct easily slides on and off outlet of the Cub dryer.

Cub Dryer Filter Kit (BARCP1FF) filter system is designed to minimize pet hair from entering the Cub Dryer avoiding early dryer failure and possible fire hazard. The foam filter pads can be washed / dried and re-used. Replacement pads can be purchased in a 4/Pk

$133.39 ea
B-Air Cub Dog Dryer ($133.39 plus $4.00 Oversized Shipping)
Attach a Duct Kit to the front of the dryer. Direct air through the duct to the front of the cage.
$73.49 ea
B-Air Cub Duct Dryer Kit
Extra protection against getting hiar into the motor housing.
$10.49 ea
Cub Filter Kit
$7.39 ea
Cub Replacement Filters (4 pack)