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Double K 850 Challengair Dual Outlet, High Velocity Stand Dryers

The Challengair Model 850 "stand" forced-air dog dryers are engineered to produce more air with less noise, more reliability with greater economy than any similar dog dryers.

The Double K CHALLENGAIR 850 High Velocity Dog Dryer is the most effective and versatile dog dryer on the market. The CHALLENGAIR 850 has no heating element due to the "flo-thru" motor configuration. The air is warmed by the operational heat of the motor, which saves electricity and produces heat up to 45 degrees above room temperature.

The high velocity air in concert with the "Air Sweep" nozzle "sweeps" excess water from wet animals, removes undercoat, straightens hair and generally dries animals much more quickly than conventional dryers.

The CHALLENGAIR 850 offers great versatility using the assorted nozzles for the desired effect. The stand model can function as a conventional "Fluff" dryer, forced air dryer or cage dryer at the operator's discretion. Dual motors and outlets allow you to perform two functions at one time. ie: Use one outlet for finish-blowing your tabled dog and the other for cage drying another at the same time.

Double K Challengair 850 Stand Dog Dryer Includes:

  • Dual Heavy-duty American-made Motor
  • Powerful 248 CFM of air and heat
  • Has adjustable Height Stand 39" to 57" with easy roll 5-leg no-tip base, two regular drying nozzles, two 6 ft hoses, hose union, long hair drying nozzle, diffuser and two cage attachments.
  • Quick detach extension arm for stand
  • Has twist-on nozzles and 6 ft hoses.
  • Drying with 360 degree rotating nozzle
  • Sound damping foam lining reduces dryer noise.
  • Cross-link polyethylene dryer housing is easy to clean and virtuallyindestructible.
  • Easy to clean filters
  • 2 Year limited warranty (including hoses and nozzles)

2 Models: 2 speed controlls

  • Stand dryer with two speeds or variable speed
  • EXTRA XL dryers have 15% more air volume than standard model

Specifications at a glance:

  • Air Volume: 248 CFM
  • Heat: 70° above room temperature - no heating element.
  • Amps: 19.0, Volts: 110/120 Watts: 2,133 (unless otherwise specified)
Stand dryers ship in two boxes: 27 lbs and 20 lbs. Portables ship in one box 35Lb
$685.59 ea
850 XL Stand Dryer, Dual Outlet EXTRA, 2-Speed (2 Boxes) ($685.59 plus $31.00 Oversized Shipping)
$716.99 ea
850 XL Stand Dryer, Dual Outlet EXTRA, Variable Speed (2 Boxes) ($716.99 plus $31.00 Oversized Shipping)
Standard Model
$608.99 ea
850 Stand Dryer, Dual Outlet, 2-Speed (2 Boxes) ($608.99 plus $26.00 Oversized Shipping)
$629.99 ea
850 Stand Dryer, Dual Outlet, Variable Speed (2 Boxes) ($629.99 plus $26.00 Oversized Shipping)
220 Volt clippers are for use in Europe and are not compatible with American Electrical Current
$619.49 ea
Challeng 850 XL Stand Dryer, variable-Spd, 240 Volt ($619.49 plus $26.00 Oversized Shipping)