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Excel Variable 5 Speed Andis Dog Clippers

Andis Excel 5-speed dog clippers are designed for powerful, precision grooming. Use the lower speeds for cooler operation and clipping in sensitive areas. The higher speeds are great for finishing and clipping the body coat. Over 4800 strokes per minute.

The new soft housing is one single moulded case with soft, sure grip on the sides. This makes it practically indestructible as well as very comfortable to hold and use.

The on-off-rise-throttle switch is also on the side where it is easy to reach quickly and smoothly.

Excel 5-Speed Andis Dog Clippers Feature:

  • Powerful, rotary motor clipper for complete animal grooming.
  • Variable, 5-speed clipping.
    • Use lower speeds for cooler running and clipping around sensitive areas.
    • Use higher speeds for prettier coat finish.
  • Runs so cool, fans and air vents that can become clogged with hair are not needed.
  • Equipped with a 4x4 blade drive with 25% more blade torque for more power over and over.
  • Detachable blades for easy changing and cleaning.
  • New anti-slip soft grip housing is contoured to fit your hand.
  • 10% faster than a standard AGC Super 2-Speed.
  • Includes CeramicEdge #10 blade.
  • Works with all Andis UltraEdge blades, Andis CeramicEdge blades, and Oster A-5 blades (all sold separately)
  • One year limited warranty.
$209.95 ea
Andis Excel 5-Speed Dog Clippers, Pink
Don’t forget Andis Cool Care Plus to cool and lubricate your blades.
$7.59 ea
Andis Cool Care Plus Blade Lubricating Spray (NO AIR SHIP)