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Feather Light Stainless Steel Shears

You would like a professional scissor but don't need one fit for grooming 10 dogs a day 5 days a week? Feather Lights are the answer. They cut sharp and clean for professional results at home. Quality grooming shears at a reasonable price.

Whether you are trimming lightly around the eyes and feet or doing a whole body scissor-trim, a durable shear that delivers a quality cut is a must for home grooming.

At last, one of the most trusted names in grooming shears has produced a high quality, home grooming shear that is both beautiful and functional. Feather Lights provide the sharp edge that you need for a professional result every time. Sturdy professional construction at a reasonable price.

Feather Light Shears Features at a Glance:

  • Gold plated handles that last and last
  • Beautiful mirror finish
  • Ice-tempered stainless steel holds its sharp edge
  • Silencer for smooth operation
  • Comfortable finger holes with comfort rest
  • Lightweight and balanced to prevent wrist fatigue
  • Each comes with a custom leather pouch with velvet insert for safe storage of your prized shears.
Feather Light Shears

The Science of Shears

The construction and quality of your grooming shears will be a big factor in creating professional results at home.

Blunt tip shears are usually used in places that are delicate or dangerous such as on the face around the eyes or ears.

6.5" curved shears will work well for face triming and foot shaping.

4" Curved Ear & Nose Scissors are self-explanatory. The have a special rounded end for protecting your pet in delicate areas.

7" and 8.25" Straight shears are the real work horse of full body trimming. If you own just one, the 8.25" Filipino Straight is the most popular.

8.5" curved shears work wonders on top knots and tails.

10" Filipino Straight is rarely used except by professionals. It's just too much scissor to be comfortable.

5.5" shortcut shear is a great, quick shear. It won't be good enough if you wnat to own only one pair of scissors.

Our suggestion for a novice: One 7" straight MF00260 and one 6.5" Curved Blunt Tip MF00245

$15.69 ea
Feather Light Stainless Curved 6.5", Ball Tip Shear
$8.39 ea
Feather Light Stainless 4" Ear and Nose Shears
$15.69 ea
Feather Light Stainless 5.5" ShortCut Straight Shears
$15.69 ea
Feather Light Stainless 7.5" Wonderedge Straight Shears
$15.69 ea
Feather Light Stainless 30 Tooth Thinning Shears
$24.09 ea
Feather Light Stainless 88 Filipino 8.25" Straight Shears
$24.09 ea
Feather Light Stainless 88 Filipino 8.25" Curved Shears
$26.19 ea
Feather Light Stainless 10" Filipino Straight Shears