Fresh 'n Clean dog cologne

Lambert Kay Fresh N Clean Cologne

If you're looking for the fragrance used by your groomer to give your dog that "fresh from the groomer" fragrance, this is it.

Most popular cologne in professional grooming shops. Long lasting and helps control doggy odors between baths

Fresh n Clean Shampoo & Conditioner  Most popular shampoo used in grooming salons.  Helps keep most dogs smelling fresh for up to two weeks. Great suds, great fragrance.  Creme Rinse for extra conditioning and removal of mats and tangles.

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Snowy Coat Shampoo One of the most popular shampoos used by professional groomers to whiten dull gray or yellow coats. Enhances white and light-colored coats without bleaching.  Great for samoyeds, pyranees and other white breeds. Also excellent for grey or blue dogs such as huskies or weimeraners as well as chinchilla and gray persians or Silver Tabbies.

See: Snowy Coat

$8.79 ea
Fresh'n Clean Pet cologne, 12oz (NO AIR SHIP)
$12.99 ea
Pro Groom coat conditioner (Creme Rinse) 12.5oz