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Metro Air Force Dryer

No other compact dryers combine such features as air flow control, air concentrator, air flare tool, groomer rake and much more for a lot less!

The Metro Air Force Dryer accomplishes two speeds using the air concentrator. Without the concentrator the dryer blows a full, steady stream of warm air for normal drying. Put the concentrator onto the hose and the air is compressed into a high pressure blast for stripping excess water from the hair or adding extra volume to the coat.

Metro Air Force Dryer Features:

  • Lightweight and portable--great for shops or show grooming.
  • 6 foot shoulder strap--hang over your shoulder or mount on tables.
  • 6 ft flexible hose with air flow control.
  • Easy change filter.
  • Includes air flare, groomer rake and air concentrator for "blasting" water from the coat.
Model CFM/FPM Max Amps Weight
AF-1PG 85/18000 1.17PHP 8 LB.
AF-2PG 100/23,000 1.7PHP 9 LB.
AF-3PG 130/28,000 4.0PHP 10 LB
$125.99 ea
Metro Air Force Dog Dryer 1PG
$141.69 ea
Metro Air Force Dog Dryer, 2PG
$161.29 ea
Metro Air Force Dog Dryer, 3PG
$95.95 ea
Safety Dog Dryer Timer
$20.95 ea
Metro Mounting Bracket