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Metro Cagemaster Plus Dryers

It's a cage dryer

It's a forced air dryer

It's TWO dryers in one!

Powerful 4.0 peak horsepower motor generates a high volume of warm air and uses a 6 foot extra-large 2-1/2" hose to carry a gale force of air into cages.

The Cagemaster easily converts into a forced air dryer using its powerful motor and 1-1/4" hose to deliver a high velocity air stream that blows water quickly off the thickest, wettest coats, cutting grooming time by as much as two thirds.

Because there's no heating element, often found on other cage dryers, Cagemaster Plus won't overheat or dehydrate dogs. And for added safety the Deluxe model comes with a 15 minute timer.

Cagemaster Plus Dryer Features:

  • 4.0 Peak horsepower motor
  • all steel construction
  • 6 ft.x 2-1/2" diameter cage drying hose
  • 6 ft.x 1-1/4" diameter forced air drying hose with air flow control
  • includes air flare, groomer rake and air concentrator for "blasting" water from the coat
  • 15 minute timer included on CM3DXL (Deluxe dryer)
$186.99 ea
Metro Cagemaster Plus Dryer ($186.99 plus $12.00 Oversized Shipping)
$194.95 ea
Metro Cagemaster Plus Deluxe Dryer w/timer ($194.95 plus $10.00 Oversized Shipping)
$237.29 ea
Metro Cagemaster Plus Deluxe Dryer, European Model, 220-240 Volt ($237.29 plus $10.00 Oversized Shipping)
$95.95 ea
Safety Dog Dryer Timer
$20.95 ea
Metro Mounting Bracket