Mediterranean Pomegranate Pet Silk Dog Shampoo

Groomer's Formula Mediterranean Pomegranate Pet Silk Dog Shampoo

Pet Silk brings you a professional quality dog shampoo to moisturize and leave a great-smelling pomegranate scent.

For the professional groomer: Silk proteins are pH balanced with mild surfactants to clarify and enhance a healthy shiny coat. Soothing natural plant extracts invigorate and detoxify, stimulating circulation and removing harmful toxins from the pet's coat without stripping natural oils.

Silk proteins target dry and brittle hair to moisturize and restore luster, leaving a clean, luxurious hair coat with a scrumptious pomegranate scent your clients will love and ask for.

Dilutes 16:1 for economical use.

$57.79 ea
Pet Silk Groomer's Formula Mediterranean Pomegranate Dog Shampoo; 2.5 gallons ($57.79 plus $13.00 Oversized Shipping)