Pet Silk® Dog Shampoo with Olive Oil

Pet Silk Olive Oil Dog Shampoo contains vitamins, proteins, and olive oil that detangles, moisturizes and conditions your dog's coat from the inside out. Specially formulated for professional groomers.

Olive Oil Dog Conditioner is a gentle, professional formula with olive oil and herbs for conditioning, plus silk for moisturizing sensitive skin. Helps soothe irritated skin and restores moisture to sensitive areas.

Silk proteins target dry and brittle hair to moisturize and restore luster, leaving a clean, luxurious hair coat with a scrumptious raspberry scent your clients will love and ask for.

Olive Oil Pet Silk Dog Shampoo and Pet Silk Dog Conditioner each dilute 16:1 for economical use.

Pet Silk Dog Shampoo with Olive Oil
$8.39 ea
Pet Silk Olive Oil Shampoo; 16 oz.
$34.99 ea
Pet Silk Olive Oil Shampoo; 1 Gallon ($34.99 plus $4.00 Oversized Shipping)
Pet Silk Dog Conditioner with Olive Oil
$9.49 ea
Pet Silk Olive Oil Conditioner; 16 oz