Pet Silk® Detangling and Show Ring Sprays for Dogs

Pet Silk ® Detangling Mist loosens tangles. Show Ring Mist controls fly-aways and enhances your dog's natural shine.

Detangling Mist is an easy-to-use spray. Helps loosen tangles and prepare the coat for brushing as well sa keep tangles from forming. Show ring Mist is a professional formula with rosewater, herbs, and silk to refresh coats, control fly-aways, and ehance natural shine.

Detangling Spray Directions: Spray on your dog's coat - wet or dry - then comb through.

Show Spray Directions: Spray show ring mist along your dog's back from 10 to 12 inches from coat.

$6.99 ea
Pet Silk Detangling Mist; 11.6 oz
$10.49 ea
Pet Silk Show Ring Mist; 11.6 oz