Pet Silk Liquid Serum Top Coat for Dogs

This gentle professional foruma includes natural silk. Moisturizes your dog's hair, adding shine, volume and a silky feel to your pet's coat.

Pet Silk liquid Srum is a totally new, revolutionary product. A rich serum enhanced with silk, Vitamin E, and Panthenol to keep the coat soft and shiny. Pet Silk Liquid Silk Serum is a great conditioner to ensure a healthy, easy to manage coat.

Tames cottony or unmanageable hair. Conditions, straightens coats like Yorkies, Borzois, Afghans. Helps repair damage from sun, indoor heaters in winter and other circumstances that dry hair coats.

Coat care products containing natural silk greatly improve the volume, shine and manageability of pet hair. Pet Silk contains natural silk fibers as a major compound in the formula.. Natural organic silk consists of 17 amino acids that are identical to the amino acids in hair. This allows the amino acid composition to penetrate the hair and permanently reconstruct it from the inside out. Silk links hair fibers to strengthen, improve resiliency, and restore moisture balance.

Directions: After conditioning, finish with Pet Silk Liquid Silk Serum on wet or dry hair, massaging through as often as needed. A little goes a long way.

$22.99 ea
Pet Silk Liquid Serum; 11.6 oz
$167.99 ea
Pet Silk Liquid Silk Serum; 1 Gallon ($167.99 plus $4.00 Oversized Shipping)