Pet Silk® No-Rinse Dog Shampoo

A quick fix for messy dogs when there is no time for a bath. No-Rinse Dog Shampoo from Pet Silk® is perfect for use in between baths.

No Rinse Pet Silk Dog Shampoo makes it easy to cleanse any dirt, dander, loose hair or bacteria. No Rinse Shampoo helps eliminate odors and keeps your pet fresh and clean day-to-day!

Dog Shampoo Directions: Apply to your dog's coat and work through evenly, then towel dry. For best results, finish with Pet Silk finishing products.

Use No Rinse dog shampoo:

  • Between baths
  • After a walk
  • When away from home
$7.39 ea
Pet Silk No-Rinse Shampoo; 11.6 oz