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Barn Homes -Dog Houses

Barn Home dog houses have insulated walls and top ventilation to insure a comfortable living environment for pets during all seasons.

An advanced design offers smooth, non-porous inner surface deters pest infestation. Snap-on top removes for easy cleaning. Brown bottom with beige looks like a mini-barn and doesn't stand out like a sore thumb in your back yard. without the top, it makes a great whelping pen!

Foam pad has heavy-duty, moisture-resistant, zippered cover and fits inside for comfort.

Barn Home® Dog House advanced design offers:

  • Smooth, non-porous inner surface to deter pest infestation and make cleaning easy.
  • Snap-on top removes for easy cleaning.
  • Structural foam construction is "Warmer in winter, cooler in summer."
  • Has rear air ventilation, a rain-diverting rim and raised interior floor.
  • Optional foam Pad (purchased separately below) has heavy-duty, moisture-resistant, zippered cover and fits inside for comfort.
  • DO25118 XSm: For Pets up to 15 Lbs (Dark Maroon top with Brown botom)
  • DO25112 Small: For Pets 15 - 25 Lbs (Linen top with Charcoal bottom)
  • DO25101 Medium: For Pets 25 - 50 Lbs (Linen top with Black bottom)
  • Five year manufacturer's warranty.

Doors available for added warmth.

  • Barn Home Door,XSmall; Approx "H x " wide
  • Barn Home Door,Small; Approx 14.3"H x 10.6" wide
  • Barn Home Door,Med; Approx 16"H x 11.5" wide
  • Barn Home Door,Lg; Approx 20.5"H x 14.5" wide

Keep your dog warm in the winter. See Dog House Heaters

Medium and large models can not be shipped internationally or to PO Box / APO addresses.

We may be able to save you money on shipping multiple Barn Homes using motor freight. E-mail your exact address and number of houses needed.
Medium Barn Homes
$49.99 ea
Barn Home Dog House, Med, 32"Lx26"x24"H ($49.99 plus $26.00 Oversized Shipping)
$17.99 ea
Barn Home II, Medium, Door
Small Barn Homes
$46.49 ea
Barn Home II, Small, 29" L x 22" x 21" H ($46.49 plus $15.00 Oversized Shipping)
$12.99 ea
Barn Home II, Small, Door
Extra Small Barn Homes
$35.29 ea
Barn Home II, Xsm 26.5 x 18 x 16.5H ($35.29 plus $15.00 Oversized Shipping)
$12.69 ea
Barn Home II, Xsm, Door
Fits perfectly into the XSm Barn Home II to make an insulated, heated dog house.
$51.99 ea
Outdoor Heated Kitty Pad; 12.5" x 18.5" 40 watts