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Heat-n-Breeze Dog House Heater and Cooler

Keep your pets comfortable in the winter AND the summer. All-steel unit combines the Hound Breezer with the Hound Heater into one, easy-to-install unit. Heat-n-Breeze unit has two settings: one for warm heat and one for cooling breeze.

Flip the switch and get a lovely breeze that brings outside air into the house at 24 cu ft per minute. It refreshes the air 1-2 times per minute and keeps hot air from settling in the dog house. The energy=saving thermostat allows you to turn the fan on and off at the temperature you choose so that it does not keep running when not needed.

Flip another switch, and re-set the thermostat for warm, winter heat. Just set it start filling the house with 160 degree heat until it is warm and cozy. Heat is not hot enough to burn or ignite anything. Heats up to 32-40 cubic foot houses. Works at the temperature of a good hot-water heater, and covers protect your pet from contacting the unit. Just set it and forget it to keep your pet comfortable no matter what the weather.

All covers protecting the controls are locked using a simple "allen/hex screw". (Tools and screws for installation are included.) All have a spring-protected cord to help prevent chewing. Heat shield on the inside. Bug shield on the outside. Well-insulated for a tight fit.

Breezer Fan Technical Information and Features

  • 30,000 hour rated life expectancy.
  • Quiet. Less than 45 decibles. Low noise is actually soothing.
  • Efficient ventilation. Breezer will change out all of the air in a typical dog house every minute.
  • Energy efficient. Only draws about 10 amps. 18 watts.
  • Limited one-year manufacturer warranty from Akoma.

Heating Element Technical Information and Features

  • Replaceable element and replaceable thermostat.
  • 100,000 cycle rated life of the heating element.
  • 150 watts of heating power for larger houses and extremely cold weather.
  • Thermostat conrols +/- 4 degrees F.
  • Automatic safety shut off prevents overheating.
  • Heater mode costs approx. $10 per month on average if run every day.
  • 8 ft cord w/3 prong grounded end.
  • Heater has a shield to protect from uncomfortable (but not dangerous) heat radiation when touching the unit.

Operating Instructions

Heat: Make sure the vent toggle switch is up. Then push the heat toggle switch down.
Turn the thermostat clockwise. Set the dial just past "MED" to keep a well built insulated house that has a door approximately 55 degrees F. Turn it a little further clockwise to make the house warmer.
Low to Medium setting will warm the house from 32-50 degrees F. Medium to High wil reach 50 - 80n degrees F.

Remember that the size of the dog house, its insulation level and the door impact the Furnac's ability to reach any of these temperatures.

Vent: When the heat toggle switch is up, push the vent toggle switch down. Adjust the thermostat by turning counter clockwise until the fan comes on and then adjust accordingly.

$159.95 ea
Heat-n-Breeze Dog House Heater and Ventilator
Use a Mounting Bracket with an Igloo style dog house.
$14.29 ea
Hound Heater Igloo Dog House Mounting Bracket