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Patio Pet Doors - Petsafe / Johnson - Bronze Frame

Patio pet doors provide the convenience of a dog door without the inconvenience of cutting, sizing or fitting into a door or wall.

Patio Pet Doors utilize a tall, transparent panel that fits into your existing patio door frame. It has a flexible pet door in the bottom which the pet uses to come and go from the house.

No need for cutting or drilling. Just insert the panel on one side of your patio door opening and slide the existing door up to it for closure. The pet comes and goes through the bottom. You come and go between the insert and your existing door.

Small, Medium, Large, and Large/Tall Pet Safe/Johnson Patio Pet Doors fit in sliding glass doors and adjust to frame heights of 76.75" to 81" (197.48cm to 209.55cm).

The Large/Tall version is designed to fit in a patio door of normal height but is used for tall DOGS ie: danes, wolfhounds etc.

Patio Pet Door Features:

  • Easy, No-Cut Installation
  • Adjustable Height 76.75" to 81" (197.48cm to 209.55cm)
  • Spring tension top section allows pet door to be installed easily and quickly without any cutting (minimal screws required to secure panel to window frame)
  • Heavy aluminum construction insures security and durability
  • Installation video included
  • Patented Two-Way soft, flexible translucent vinyl flap
  • Tempered safety glass in vision area
  • Locks Left or Right for installation into any patio door configuration
  • Weather stripping included
  • Security Close out panel can be inserted on either side and actually Locks
  • Exclusive 3 year Warranty
  • Three sizes available PLUS
  • NOW also available, a 96" aluminum door for use with extra tall patio doors. Adjusts to fit heights from 93.75" to 98.5". See the 96" door.


  • Small for cats to 15 Lbs., Dogs to 7 Lbs, 11" at shoulder.
    Opening: 5"x7"...2.5" rise
  • Medium for Dogs to 40 Lbs, 18" at shoulder.
    Opening: 8"x11"...2.5" rise
  • Large for Dogs to 80 Lbs, 22" at shoulder.
    Opening: 10"x15"...5" rise
  • Large/Tall for Dogs to 130 Lbs, 23"+ at shoulder.
    Opening: 10"x15"...9" rise


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