Zones Wireless Pet Barrier

Fast, easy, no-training way to keep your pet away from forbidden areas.

No training, programming or set-up required. Totally cordless, you can put a ZONE near anything you want your dog to avoid - the trash, kitchen counter or fine furniture. The ZONE emits a radio signal that is picked up by the small collar your pet wears. When the collar senses the signal, it gives him a small static correction so that he knows that he has advanced far enough. Each ZONE protects an area from 2' to 12' diameter.

ZONES wireless pet barrier features:

  • Small, 1.3 oz collar
  • Wireless, cordless, and run on AA batteries
  • 2' - 12' diameter coverage area per ZONE

Kits come ready to use (batteries not included) with collar receiver and ZONES transmitter(s)

Place Zones wherever they are needed.
$62.99 ea
Pawz Away Indoor Pet Barrier w/ Zone & Receiver Collar
$51.49 ea
Xtra Zone Barrier Transmitter
$38.89 ea
Xtra Zones Receiver/Collar for Additional Pet