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Petsafe Bark Control System

Petsafe bark control collar is not too strong for small, timid dogs - but strong enough for stubborn, larger breeds. Progressive correction levels until barking ceases. Battery operated.

No more barking dogs. 6 progressive levels of correction. When the dog barks, the collar administers a low correction followed by ever-higher corrections until the barking ceases. No dog receives a correction higher than he needs to discourage the bad behavior. Your pet soon learns to avoid the correction altogether by not barking.

Petsafe Bark Control Collar features:

  • Waterproof Receiver on adjustable collar (adjusts 6"-28")
  • 6 progressive correction levels
  • automatic shut-off if dog continues to bark beyond 15 times in a 30 second period
    • Time out period lasts 5 minutes and continues to emit warning beeps without the correction
    • After the 5 minute period, the unit returns to stand-by mode and waits for the dog to bark again
  • Stop-shock caps included for initial "dummy" training so that the dog can get used to the weight and sound of the collar without the correction
  • Long-lasting Silver Oxide Replaceable Battery (included)
  • Comes with collar, receiver, battery, stop caps, owner's manual, and training manual. (BC302 also includes educational video about barking and its solutions)
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • For dogs 8 lbs and up

This collar is no longer available.

Limited supplies of accessories are still available to order.

$47.19 ea
Premium Bark Control Collar BC-102
Replacement Batteries
$7.39 ea
Replacement 6 volt Battery Module, 2 pk