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Deluxe Radio Hidden Fence

Deluxe Radio hidden fence system covers larger areas, has more useful features and comes in standard or STUBBORN dog versions.

It's great features include all of the features on the Economy version plus the ability to choose different correction levels for different breeds and temperaments. Also includes low battery indicator on the collar to tell you when to change the batteries.

Deluxe Radio Hidden Fence Features:

  • Covers up to 25 acres (with optional extra wire). Ideal for larger yards or areas with a lot of snow, ice, lightening or poor soil conditions
  • Suitable for dogs 8 Lb or more. Also ideal for multiple dogs - just add extra receivers.
  • Has 5 Adjustable, progressive correction levels to suite your dog's temperament
    • Lowest level of the Ultra-Light collar is ideal for beginning training or very timid dogs. It has no correction at all - just a warning tone.
    • Levels 2 through 4 are for soft temperaments to average dogs
    • Level 5 is for the majority of hard-to-train or stubborn dogs.
    • Use the Super Receiver (which starts at about level 2 on the regular receiver and goes to a level 5 that is approximately 4 times stronger than the regular collar) only for dogs over 40 lbs who are real brutes.
  • Includes run-through protection - If your dog attempts to run through the boundary, the correction level increases until he turns back
  • Includes Anti-linger correction to keep your dog from sitting in the correction zone and running the battery down.
  • Your dog wears a small waterproof receiver - safe in any weather and uses two 3 volt batteries (included) (Stubborn dog receivers us 9 volt battery)
  • Receiver has protection against false signals from neighboring radio devices
  • Low battery indicator on the collar - flashes when the battery gets low
  • Break alarm to sound a warning when the underground wire has been broken
  • Includes extra surge protection to protect your house in storm-prone areas. Also earth-to-ground connection and transmitter has fuse and spare fuse. (for Lightning protection for your fence, consider the Lightning Protection Module below)
  • Ideal for multiple dogs - just add extra receivers
  • Can be used with the indoor transmitter to keep your pets out of off-limits areas inside the house. Purchase one PSPIRF100 for each protected room.
  • Only UL and FCC Certified system on the market
  • Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Order the Standard Model
    Deluxe Hidden Fence Kit includes 500 ft of 20 gauge wire, 50 training flags, transmitter, 1 deluxe ultra-light receiver w/collar, batteries, and easy-to-follow operations and training manual. (#PSPRF304)
  • Have a Stubborn Dog?
    Less than 5% of dogs require this version. Deluxe Hidden Fence Kit for stubborn dogs includes 500 ft of 20 gauge wire, 50 training flags, transmitter, 1 super receiver w/collar (for stubborn dogs), batteries, and easy-to-follow operations and training manual. (#PSPRF305)
  • Want to Replace your Current Underground Fence?
    Deluxe Hidden Fence Upgrade Kit utilizes your already-installed underground wire - regardless of the brand of fence you are currently using.Kit includes transmitter and 1 Deluxe Ultra Lite Receiver collar w/batteries. (#PSPRF3001)
petsafe hidden fence sample layout
$251.99 ea
Radio Deluxe Hidden Fence Kit
Use a second transmitter indoors to keep your dog out of trouble zones.
$55.69 ea
Petsafe Indoor "Radio" Fence; Transmitter Only
Extra receivers for multiple dog homes.
$94.49 ea
Deluxe Radio Fence Ultra Light Xtra Receiver for PSPRF304
Additional boundary wire for large yards:
1 acre=approx 850 ft; 2 acres=1180 ft; 5 acres=1900 ft; 10 acres 2800 ft; 25 acres=4000 ft.
$62.99 ea
Radio Hidden Fence Boundary Kit (500 Ft wire w Flags)
Replacement Batteries
$3.95 ea
9 Volt Alkaline Battery
$5.29 ea
3 volt lithium Batteries,2pk (Petsafe)