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Wireless Dog Fence Kit - Petsafe Instafence

No Fence. No poles. No buried wire. If you can plug in a cord, you can install Petsafe's Instafence Wireless Fence.

The new Insta Fence is the first electronic containment system with instant installation. If you can plug in a cord, you can install Insta Fence.

Insta Fence emits a constant radio signal to create a "safe zone". When your pet LEAVES the designated areas, he receives a mild correction until he returns - which means it's escape proof.

And, over the river and through the woods to Grandma's house is no problem either. Since Insta Fence is completely portable, you can take it - and your contained pet - wherever you go.

Petsafe Wireless Dog Fence Features:

  • Wireless perimeter. Just plug and play. Sets up in minutes.
  • Portable. No wire to bury, no stakes, no poles to pound.
  • Safe and Secure. Provides a safe zone for your pet that cannot be run through, dug-under, or jumped over.
  • Warning beep tells your dog where the boundary begins. Mild correction level sends him instantly back into his approved area if he tries to wander.
  • 15 Ft to 90 feet range 360 degrees around - 180 ft diameter - approximately 1/2 acre
  • Waterproof Receiver
  • Uses convenient 3 volt lithium camera batteries (included) in collar receiver
  • Plug transmitter into any AC wall outlet
  • Waterproof Collar/receiver (for more than one dog purchase extra receivers)
  • Many built-in safety features
  • Wireless Fence Kit Includes transmitter, collar/receiver, Set-up/training video

Used with the Petsafe Electronic Feeder and Electronic Pet Door, your pet can come and go from the house, eat on schedule, and be free to run (but not run away) while your busy schedule keeps you away from home.

$276.09 ea
Petsafe Wireless Dog Fence Kit
Replacement Parts and Accessories
$125.99 ea
Petsafe Wireless Dog Fence Extra Receiver w/collar
$7.39 ea
Replacement 6 volt Battery Module, 2 pk
$178.49 ea
Petsafe Wireless Dog Fence Transmitter Box Only