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Dual Display Digital Aquarium Heaters by Aquatop

The D2HT Digital Heater Series features a highly visible dual temperature display, an easy-to-use temperature control button, and a separately attached temperature sensor to provide a stable temperature environment for your aquatic life.

Too much temperature fluctuation can be very harmful to your aquarium ecosystem. The D2HT Dual Display Heater eater is easy to set your target temperature. When the water drops below the desired temperature, the heater will heat and maintain the warm water needed. When it reaches your target, it shuts off.

Just set it and go. The separate temperature sensor (located away from the heater for accurate readings) communicates with the heater to tell it to turn on or off depending on the current temperature of the water and the target temperature you have set. Internal memory insures that in the event of a power outage, the heater will resume your preset temperature settings once power is restored.

Auqatop Dual Display Digital Aquarium Heater Features

  • Heaters are fully submersible with suction cups for stability.
  • Easy readout for current water temperature and desired temperature. Accurate to +/-1.8 degrees.
  • Automatic shut off margin set for 93°F to protect from overheating.
  • The temperature is adjustable from 68-93F.
  • Internal memory that resumes preset temperatures after a power outage.
  • Two millimeter thick, high-impact glass tubes.
  • Usable in freshwater or saltwater tanks.
  • Four available sizes to match your aquarium.

Recommended Heaters by Aquarium Size

  • 100 watt: Up to 30 gallon tank; 12"H
  • 200 watt: Up to 55 gallon tank; 13"H
  • 300 watt: From 75-100 gallon tank; 14½"H
  • 400 watt: Up to 180 gallons; 15"H
$33.99 ea
AquaTop Dual Digital Aquarium Heater; 100 watt
$36.19 ea
AquaTop Dual Digital Aquarium Heater; 200 watt
$38.89 ea
AquaTop Dual Digital Aquarium Heater; 300 watt