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Eshopps 3rd Generaton Refugiums

3rd Generation, high quality acrylic refugiums for professional reef and salt water tanks. It features two separate water chambers, one for the refugium and one for skimmer chamber. This unique design enables the water to travel through each compartment separately after entering the sump. Offers enhanced natural aquarium filtration.

The advantage of having two separated water channels is that the undissolved organic waste can be removed by a protein skimmer, while having a completely separated refugium compartment that allows macro-algae to uptake ammonia, nitrates, and other unwanted nutrients.

With Eshopps unique Channel Design (ECD, Patent Pending), you will have a natural filtration system which helps reduce problems concerning overgrown algae or cyanobacteria.

Eshopps 3rd Generation Refugiums Features at a Glance

  • Dual Water Channel
  • Large Skimmer Compartment & Viewable Refugium in Front
  • Float Valve
  • Easy Removal of Micron Bag
  • Quiet Operation

Sizes to fit 75 gal to 300 gal tanks.

Model # Dimensions Skimmer
Tank/Intake(s) Replacment
R100 24"x12"x16" 12"x11.5" 7.5"x7" 75-125gal / Single 4" Round
R200 30"x14"x16" 12"x13.5" 10"x9" 125-225gal / Dual 7" Round
R300 36"x16"x16" 16" x 15.5" 12"x10" 225-300gal/ Dual 7" Round

The Science of Refugiums

A refugium can be used for something as simple as just increasing your water volume or it can enhance your tank' performance and stability in many, many ways.

It is a miniature ecosystem attached to your main tank often housing isolated populations of sensitive animals or plants. Much like a greenhouse on a space ship, a refugium will improve the quality of your saltwater system by adding extra filtration, bio-nutrients and other food sources as well as giving refuge to sensitive species.

Refugiums can be used to keep the peace in your salt water tank: used as a refuge chamber for the more delicate species such as sea horses and peppermint shrimp (to name just two) who would otherwise become a food source for the other inhabitants of the tank. It can also provide a place to raise fry in a tank that shares the water with their birth tank

Refugiums can be used to supply live food and planktons to your aquarium. They are well suited to cultivate food sources such as algae and micro-fauna separate from the predation by herbivorous inhabitants of the main tank. Cultivating Caulerpa and other macroalgaes can help to consume ammonia/nitrates and phosphates that accumulate unhealthfully in your tank.

Refugiums can help maintain pH levels.

$186.99 ea
Eshopps R100 Refugium, 75-125 Gal; 24 x 12 x 16 ($186.99 plus $15.00 Oversized Shipping)
$229.99 ea
Eshopps R200 Refugium, 125-225 Gal; 30 x 12 x 16 ($229.99 plus $25.00 Oversized Shipping)
$269.99 ea
~ Eshopps R300 Refugium, 225-300 Gal; 36 x 14 x 16 ($269.99 plus $24.00 Oversized Shipping)
Refugium Substrate
$25.19 ea
CaribSea Mineral Mud, Gal ($25.19 plus $4.00 Oversized Shipping)
Micron Bag Replacements
$9.49 ea
Eshopps 7" Micron Bag
$8.59 ea
Eshopps 4" Micron Bag
Sponge Replacements
$6.99 ea
Eshopps Foam Sponge, Square; Lg
$6.69 ea
Eshopps Foam Sponge, Square; Sm
$6.99 ea
Eshopps Foam Sponge, Round; Lg
$4.59 ea
Eshopps Foam Sponge, Round; Sm
More Accessories
$12.49 ea
Eshopps 4 ft x 1" Flex Hose
$6.19 ea
Eshopps J Tube
Replacement Foam
$7.49 ea
Eshopps R-100 Replacement Foam
$8.49 ea
Eshopps R-200 Replacement Foam
$9.49 ea
Eshopps R-300 Replacement Foam