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Vortex D1 Canister Filter
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Vortex XL Diatom Canister Filters
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Vortex Diatom Canister Filters

Vortex filters are self priming
For super cleaning your aquarium and water polishing, the "Diatom" is a high-speed filter designed to filter aquarium water to an extremely pure state, without disturbing the natural bacteria levels.

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It uses a unique diatom powder to filter particles as small as one diatom in size. Even some parasites and bacteria are large enough to be trapped and pulled out of the water by a diatom filter.

Used properly, your Diatom filter will eliminate the need to "tear down" your aquarium to clean.

Model D-1 is for most routine cleaning jobs. Filters over 250 GPH. Clears a 10 gallon tank micron free in 12 minutes. The Diatom XL, which filters at up to 300 GPH (and measures 18" high by 7.5" wide at the base), is the highest speed aquarium filter on the market (designed for continuous operation).

Vortex D1 and Vortex XL Features:

  • Electrical on-off switch and self priming motor
  • 100% filtration of water that passes through the pump - no hidden "by-pass holes"
  • Quiet operation. Motor shaft is connected directly to the impeller (no slipping magnetic drive or squealing belts)
  • Thermally protected motor. Self-contained and designed for continuous operation
  • Adjustable and directional flow
  • Backwashes clean without taking the filter apart. Protected against gravel jam of the impeller
  • Easily recharged with filter media - Diatom filter powder, superchar or water softener may be added while the filter is running.
  • Positively does not change pH
  • New unbreakable chamber base stand and jar!
Vortex D1 Canister Filter

Vortex D1 Filter Features

  • Filters up to 250 gallons per hour.
  • For tank sizes up to 55 gallons.
  • Capable of clearing a 10 gallon tanke micron-free in twelve minutes.
Vortex XL Diatom Canister Filters

Vortex XL Filter Features

  • Filters up to 300 gallons per hour.
  • For tank sizes up to 125 gallons.
  • 18" high, 7½" wide at the base.
  • Larger jar holds more powder than the Vortex D-1.

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$134.95 ea
D-1 Vortex Diatom Filter ($134.95 plus $4.00 Oversized Shipping)
Diatom Filter Powder
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$9.95 ea
Vortex Diatom Filter Powder; 1 lb.
$19.95 ea
Vortex Diatom Filter Powder; 5 lb. ($19.95 plus $5.00 Oversized Shipping)
$45.95 ea
Vortex Filter Powder, 5 Pounds, 2 Pack. (10 pounds total) ($45.95 plus $4.00 Oversized Shipping)
Filter Replacement Parts
$18.95 ea
Filter Bag for D-1 Vortex Diatom Filter
$37.89 ea
Main Casing for D-1 Vortex Diatom Filter
$6.89 ea
Shaft Seal for D-1 & XL Vortex Diatom Filters
$4.59 ea
Intake Exhaust Strainer for D-1 & XL Vortex Diatom Filters
$5.79 ea
U-Tube set (2 pcs) for D-1 & XL Vortex Diatom Filters
$22.99 ea
XL Filter Bag for XL Vortex Diatom Filter
$4.59 ea
"O" Ring for XL Vortex Diatom Filter
$2.29 ea
Jar Gasket for D-1 Vortex Diatom Filter
$3.49 ea
Jar Ring ( Black Plastic) for Diatom Filter
$28.69 ea
Recharge Valve for Vortex Diatom Filter