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Super AGR Professional Crodless Rechargeable Clippers

The AGR system provides heavy-duty clipper cutting with complete freedom from electrical cord!

This fantastic unit is heavy-duty, dependable. A powerful, rechargeable clipper designed for all day heavy-duty use. Great for grooming shop or barn.

A Sensa-Charge charging system that charges in one hour or less and will not overcharge the battery. Detachable blades for ease of changing and cleaning. A fully charged battery operates the clipper for one hour and recharges in one hour. (Most busy dog grooming shops have not required a second battery.)

New AGR+ has a special "refresh" feature. One a month, push the refresh button before leaving for home at night. This discharges the battery pack, recharges it overnight, and battery memory problems are eliminated.

  • Runs continuously for one hour with a fully charged battery pack
  • Refresh eliminates battery memory problems
  • High capacity battery pack recharges in one hour or less
  • Weigh only 19 oz.--about 7 oz less than competitive cordless clippers
  • FAST! STRONG! Normal Blade speed is 3300 strokes per minute-same as most 2 speeds on high level.
  • New Super AGR Clipper runs a full 20% faster than the regular.
  • Maintenance Free
  • Break-resistant housing
  • Uses Andis or Oster A-5 blades
  • Comes with #10 blade, battery pack, recharging unit, storage case.
  • 220-240 volt versions available by special order.
  • One year limited warranty

Don't forget Lubricating Spray to cool and lubricate your blades

$265.95 ea
Andis SUPER AGR+ Cordless Dog Clippers w/Kit
$104.99 ea
Andis Cordless Dog Clippers - Recharger
$72.95 ea
Andis Cordless Dog Clippers - Battery Pack
$36.69 ea
Andis Cord Pack for AN64800 & AN65340
$7.59 ea
Andis Cool Care Plus Blade Lubricating Spray (NO AIR SHIP)