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Oster Turbo A-5 2-Speed Large Animal Clipper with #10 Wide Elite Blade

Fastest 2-speed clipper in the West!

More powerful. Over 4000 strokes per minute!

Turbo A-5 2 Speed Large Animal Clipper Features:

  • Two turbo speeds: low speed for precise clipping and high speed for body clipping
  • Includes more efficient #10 WIDE eilte blade for even faster clip downs
  • Virtually unbreakable housing !
  • Incredible versatility. Uses same blades as Golden A-5 and Power Pro clippers. Uses both A-5 Blades and Take-Down-Quick blades.
  • Wider Blade Sweep - blades mover faster and farther. Glides through thick matted hair for faster cutting in less time. This clipper can perform through thick or thin, coarse of fine, or damp or dry hair.
  • Cooler running - cooler housing and cooler blades than leading competitor
  • Handy Carrying case for all of the grooming tools

For replacement blades, see Oster Blades.

For extra big jobs and tough clip-downs, be sure to see Take-Down-Quick Blades.

Don't forget Kool-Lube to cool and lubricate your blades.

$141.69 ea
Oster Turbo A5 2-Speed Horse Clippers w/#10 Wide Elite Blade
$9.39 ea
KoolLube III, 14 oz (NO AIR SHIP)