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Square Saddle Pad With Saddle Back Contoured Design & Cross Brand

Square Saddle Pad. Thick, 1" Wool Felt for superb shock-absorption for your working or performance horse.

Contour reduces galling or rubbing and prevents saddle roll - even on round-backed horses. Has genuine Top Grain Hair-on-Hide Leather wear pads and trim for durability and handsome appearance. Two piece construction with spine channel aids in cooling. Felt wicks away moisture. The shock absorbent design provides relief for a sore back. Cut-out over the withers makes an easier fit and the contour requires less cinching. Cross Brand on the corner.

The Science of Contour

Square saddle pads do not fit a horse's back. Getting the pad to conform to the horses's anatomy takes "break-in" and still never really gives adequate protection against pressure points. Most over-cinching is caused by a poor fit of the saddle pad for which many people compensate by adding a second pad. The pre-formed Contoured Saddle Pad already fits the contour of your horse's back. It takes practically no break-in, and it helps eliminate slippage without over-cinching.

Saddle pads with leather trim
$136.49 ea
Sq Felt Saddle Pad; Contoured w Leather Trim; Cross Brand 32"x32" Tan ($136.49 plus $4.00 Oversized Shipping)
$97.69 ea
Sq Felt Saddle Pad; Contoured w Leather Trim; Cross Brand 32"x32" Blk ($97.69 plus $4.00 Oversized Shipping)
$120.79 ea
Sq Felt Saddle Pad; Contoured w Leathr Trim; Cross Brand 32"x32" Gray ($120.79 plus $4.00 Oversized Shipping)