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Stiff Grooming Brush

At last a comfortable way to groom your horse.

It's not often that horse grooming equipment is redesigned with the modern horseman in mind.

At last - The handle on this brush has been shaped to fit both a man's hand (large end) or a woman's hand (the majority of people who groom a horse) The new design will help to end fatigue and arm strain while maintaining the same quality and wide sweep that a good brush needs to last in hostile stable environments.

It can be stepped on, soaked, or abused and it will keep on brushing year after year.

Stiff Horse Brush Features:

  • Densely packed coarse bristles remove dirt with less effort.
  • Innovative handle easily fits a man's or a woman's hand.
  • Rubberized comfort handles and flexible bristle mat for extra durability in harsh stable conditions.
$8.99 ea
Stiff Grooming Brush