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Fishmate Pond Pumps

Fishmate pond pumps provide all the versatility and performance you need.

The focus on reliability at every stage of design and manufacture enables FISHMATE to produce superior quality pumps built to last.

Ease of use and low running costs come standard, thanks to the simple flow control and super-efficient pump turbine.

Fish Mate Pond Pumps Features:

  • Superior flow rates compared to other pond pumps of the same wattage.
  • Longer lasting (with ceramic shaft bearing and unique rotor design)
  • Low running costs. Super efficient turbine uses up to 50% less power than other pond pumps.
  • Low maintenance. Specially developed strainer will not clog up under normal use. Even in heavily contaminated water, a quick shake will often clean debris out of the strainer.
  • Ease of Use. Single control knob makes it easy to change flow rate on one or both outlets to balance the flow between filter and fountains or other options.
  • FishMate pond pumps come complete with 4 fountain options for the ideal fountain in any situation.
  • "strainer" inlet; 1" hose outlet
  • 25 Ft Power Cord
  • 5 year manufacturer's guarantee

Spray Heads Include:

  • Tiered fountain
  • Column fountain
  • Bell fountain
  • Plume fountain

Pond Pumps

A pond pump is plugged into the electrical supply outlet and submerged at the bottom of the pond. It provides all the power to circulate the water through waterfalls, fountains, ornaments, filter systems, and sterilizer units. Generally, the more features added to the system, the more powerful the pond pump must be.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt should be used on all electrical equipment which is used in or under water!

$89.95 ea
FishMate Pond Pump,600 gph
Service Kits
$37.95 ea
FishMate Pond Pump Service Kit; fits ANI247
$38.95 ea
FishMate Pond Pump Service Kit; fits ANI248
$38.95 ea
FishMate Pond Pump Service Kit; Fits ANI249
Plastic Tubing
$69.99 ea
Plastic Tubing, Clear; 1" x 50 Ft Roll ($69.99 plus $4.00 Oversized Shipping)