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Fishmate Pond Pumps

Fishmate pond pumps provide all the versatility and performance you need.

Ease of use and low running costs come standard, thanks to the simple flow control and super-efficient pump turbine. Built to last, pond-friendly anti-clog filter design and superior quality enables a meaningful 3 year guarantee.

Fish Mate Pond Pumps Features:

  • High power asynchronous pump of proven design with ceramic bearings
  • Fully encapsulated electrical parts for safety
  • Open handle position for fountains features 1 1/2" BSP thread (11 threads per inch) for easy attachments of all popular fountain designs and maximum stability
  • Single control knob adjusts flow to fountain and waterfall/filter
  • Strainer filter less prone to blockage and easier to clean than conventional foam filters
  • High efficiency turbine handles solids to 1/2" (depending on the model) and ensures low running costs
  • Side outlets with swivel elbow for easy installation with waterfall/filters
  • Ribs may be removed if required for up to 1/2" solids-handling.
  • Hose adaptor for hoses from 1" to 1 1/2"
  • 24 ft. Power Cord (33 ft. cord on 4000 and 5500 models)
  • FishMate pond pumps come complete with 3 or 4 fountain options (depending on the model) for the ideal fountain in any situation.
  • Spray heads include:
    • Tiered fountain
    • Column fountain
    • Bell fountain
    • Plume fountain
  • 3 year manufacturer's warranty
Model # Max Flow
Max Head
ANI247 580 gal
6' 9"
40 watts
With Fountain Head
$89.95 ea
FishMate Pond Pump,600 gph