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Powersun Mercury Vapor UV Flood Lamp

Professional Self-Ballasted Mercury Vapor Flood Lamp for high UVA / UVB demand reptiles and amphibians

Professional Series Features:

  • For large vivarium applications or high UVA/UVB demand situations.
  • Great for large "Zoo-type" enclosures housing aquatic turtles, tortoises, large lizards or large snakes.
  • Use as part of a veterinary treatment for Metabolic Bone Disease.
  • 10,000 hour average life.
  • Luminous Flux (lm) 1680

The following is a list of animals that when kept in a large enclosure will benefit from this type of UVA/UVB producing lamp:

  • Chacoan Monkey Frogs
  • Basilisks (all types)
  • Iguanas (all types)
  • Monitors (all types)
  • Tegus (all types)
  • Uromastyx (all types)
  • Water Turtles (all basking types)
  • Sailfin Lizards (Hydrosaurus sp.)
  • Tortoises (all basking types)
  • Water Dragons (Physignathus sp.)
  • Chameleons (C. Pardalis, C. Calyptratus)
  • Bearded Dragons (all types)
$62.29 ea
Power Sun UV Bulb (160watt)
$54.49 ea
Power Sun UV Bulb (100watt)