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Reptitemp Remote Sensor Thermostat

Precise temperature control in your reptile habitat anywhere from 70 degrees to 110 degrees F.

Remote Sensor Thermostat automatically adjusts terrarium temperatures. Simple to use. You adjust the ReptiTemp Control Knob up or down until the desired temperature level is reached. The indicator light on the thermostat will then cycle of and on to show that the ReptiTemp 500R is working perfectly. When the temperature is under your specified range, heating devices are activated. When optimum temperature is reached, heat is turned off.

Excellent for larger size glass terrariums (40 gallons and up), wood terrariums, acrylic terrariums, or wire cage enclosures.


  • 6 foot remote sensor probe
  • Dual port plug receptacle to control multiple heating devices such as a heat emitter, heat lamp and/or under tank heaters
  • Safety cover to prevent accidental "bumping" of the temperature dial
  • Can be used in conjunction with a timer for day/night cycle simulation.
  • Also allows manual control of heaters or spot lamps
  • Excellent for controlling Under Tank Pad Heaters, Ceramic Heat Emitters and other types of reptile heating devices with a maximum combined power of 500 watts.
  • 70 degrees to 110 degrees F (21 degrees to 43 degrees C)
  • Includes mounting hardware and extra adhesive pads for convenient mounting to terrarium.

Not for use with rock heating devices

$32.59 ea
Reptitherm 500R Thermostat