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Zoo Med Box Turtle & Aquatic Turtle Diets

  • Box Turtle: (canned diet) Loaded with whole corn and apples: two favorite foods of box turtles in captivity. Also added vitamins and minerals for a nutritionally complete diet, and a special flavoring agent to entice turtles to fee.
  • Aquatic Turtle: (floating pellets) Zoo Med was first in developing a low protein, floating pellet food. The lower protein level insures proper shell development, while the floating feature allows the turtle to feed at the surface. Surface feeding makes it easier for the turtle to locate the food, resulting in less uneaten food and spoilage.
Guaranteed Analysis Box Turtles:
Crude Protein3%
Crude Fat,(Min)5%
Crude Fiber,(Max)1%
Guaranteed Analysis Aquatic Turtles:
Crude Protein35%
Crude Fat,(Min)5%
Crude Fiber,(Max)5%
$22.95 ea
Box Turtle Food, 6 oz Can (12 cans)
$49.99 ea
Box Turtle Food, 6 oz Can (24 cans) ($49.99 plus $4.00 Oversized Shipping)
$2.19 ea
Aquatic Turtle Food, Pellets, 1.85 oz