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Zoo Med Repti Lamp Stand

For use in suspending metal dome or wire basket lamp fixtures.

(Great for use with a Repti Economy Clamp Lamp.)

Easily adjusts to fit most standard size terrariums. Suspends heat fixtures that would otherwise be difficult to secure or use.

Helps prevent accidental knocking over or tipping of heat fixtures. Special clips keep power cords secure and out of the way.

Lamp Stand Features:

  • Solid Steel construction
  • Adjustable knobs for height and length adjustment on arm
  • Safety Clips to keep power cord out of the way
  • Counter Balance Base plate (terrarium also rests on this base) for stability

Does not include light fixtures and light bulbs.

$23.19 ea
ZooMed Repti Lamp Stand
$19.69 ea
Economy Lamp Stand
Recommended Light Fixture
$12.69 ea
ZooMed Econ Clamp Lamp